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When we dream of retirement, we dream of spending more time with family and friends, traveling, and relaxing. But even if you’ve been preparing financially, market fluctuations could leave you in a situation much different than you had expected. If the volatile nature of high-risk investments has you worried about your financial future, consider the stability of a fixed annuity.

Annuities are designed to help you save money for retirement. They are contracts made with an insurer in which the insurer agrees to repay your premium, plus the interest it earns, in a method of your choosing.

Fixed Annuities

A fixed annuity is a contract between you and NMB which guarantees a minimum rate of return on your deposit. Because fixed annuities are not subject to fluctuations in the financial market, your principal will remain intact. By deferring payouts to a later date, you are also deferring tax payments on any interest your annuity earns, allowing you to earn interest on interest instead of paying taxes on interest.

Single or Flexible Payments

NMB offers both single payment and flexible payment annuities. Single payment annuities must be purchased with a lump sum. Payments can be made to flexible annuities in the amount and frequency of your choosing.

Annuity Income Options

When the time is right, you can convert your deferred annuity to a guaranteed stream of income.* When payouts begin, they are guaranteed and will never change. They will continue according to the settlement option you choose. There are numerous choices available, depending on your financial goals.

Interest Rates

NMB annuities have two interest rates—the current interest rate and the guaranteed interest rate. Your annuity will earn the current rate, which will fluctuate; but it will never earn less than the guaranteed rate.

Probate Avoidance

Upon your death, proceeds from your annuity can go directly to your named beneficiary, bypassing the drawbacks associated with probate.


Advantage 20

The Advantage 20 is a single payment deferred annuity with a minimum purchase amount of $50,000.

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Advantage 30

The Advantage 30 is a flexible payment deferred annuity with a minimum initial deposit of $500.

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Advantage 40

The Advantage 40 is a single premium immediate annuity. It converts a lump sum into an immediate, steady stream of income.

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Advantage 50

The Advantage 50 is a single payment deferred annuity with a five year interest rate guarantee. The minimum purchase amount is $20,000.

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